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What we do

We are committed to the construction of vertical greening.

Sevrice Concept

To the customer's requirements as the center, take the good faith as principle to innovate and develop.Let us work together to create a green home.

Service Tenet

We serve with sincere attitudes and intentions.Technological innovation and brilliant products bring us more customers.

Service Standard

Customer satisfaction is the only standard to measure our success and failure.

About US?

Nanjing Wanrong Vertical Greening Engineering Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in special space (roof, wall, water, indoor and other space) vertical greening design, construction,related new technologies research and promotion.We are member of the national vertical greening project alliance ,Nanjing representative office of the national vertical greening project alliance and managing director of the international organization for vertical greening promotion.

We are mainly engaged in roof greening projects, wall greening project, plants of vertical greening, roof greening storage and drainage system, dedicated vertical greening matrix, waterproof system of building greening, wall greening module, ecological green-wall system. We also do other vertical greening supporting product sales and technical advisory services.

Our Advantage

Advantages of wanroof green-wall

Four planting advantages:

Lighter in weight

The total weight of green-walls (including plant and cultivated substrate) was less than 30 kg/㎡ (after water saturation). Therefore, this kind of green-wall can be installed on any wall and not limited by wall’s area and height.


After plants forming, its roots are growing together and distribute in the whole green-wall to form a stable ecological community.


Our green-wall mainly choose evergreen herbs and shrubs. Based on the lighting conditions,we choose different flowers to match the view.So it can keeps evergreen,makes you enjoying flowers and leaves at same time.

Heat preservation

Planting blanket is thick enough to keep plants away from winter frostbite by low temperature.

Easier maintenance,Longer life.


Green-wall cultivated substrate is given priority to with peat coconut chaff and light nutritional soil,it lasts longer and maintains easier.The unique blanket structure is designed to provide more space for plants’ roots to grow on the planting blanket, so it can improve the survival rate and reduce the number of changing greatly.

Simple management of water and fertilizer

The supply of water is from the top trickle down. Adding special nutrient solution and non-toxic sterilization pesticides in the irrigation water,to ensure the regular growth of plants.Watering and fertilizing is automatically controlled by a drip irrigation system, the use of drip irrigation system and circulation system can enable water to be optimized.

Good drainage

No surface water, no shortage of water.The green-wall can adapt to the growing conditions of the vast majority of plants.

Our Service

What can we do for you?

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Integrated project

Our Case

Here are some of our cases. For more understanding, please contact us.

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